The Definition of Success - What Living Homeless Taught Me

The Definition of Success tells the story of Derek Snook, a recent college graduate from an upper class town who, driven by a search for meaning in life, purpose in his vocation, and jadedness towards his upbringing, voluntarily lives homeless for a year. Funny, heartbreaking, and deeply challenging, through encounters with the homeless this story confronts the things society tells us to blindly accept. We join Derek as he asks questions about success. We watch him grapple with his beliefs in a religiously hypocritical culture.

Through the experience Derek identifies a need among the homeless and starts a $3,000,000 + organization to address it. This book is for those looking for meaning in their lives, purpose in their vocation, who question their society, or are jaded towards America's version of Christianity. 

Here's what influencers are saying: 

We need more entrepreneurs engaging the most difficult challenges our society faces today with these kinds of innovative businesses and approaches.--Brad D. Smith, Chairman and CEO, Intuit

It's critical that Christianity discovers ways to make the Gospel practical in a culture that changes so rapidly it's impossible to keep up. This book does just that, telling a story that is both inspiring yet relatable so that anyone--regardless of belief system--can say, 'wow, I'm not sure if I believe in Jesus, but there's something to this, and we need more of it.--Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

The Definition of Success thoughtfully examines areas of life that most of us leave unchallenged while pointing to a higher ideal that goes far beyond that of any political party. The truth of Jesus for Christians points to a way and a life, but this book helps give that message a universal meaning.--Mike McCurry, Press Secretary for President Clinton

This book says that our lives are about more than the way we conventionally define success or failure. When we look, we can find value in every story.--Mark Sanford, U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 1st congressional district

This book tells an ordinary story with national significance. Its spirit captures the essence of what every city should be, a place where all citizens strive for the harmony and well being of the city regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, politics or sexuality; a place where citizens, having seen one another s pain, do not walk by with indifference but overcome their fears to heal one another because it is right and true. This book captures the idealism of a city that is yet to come, that we can only strive for, and yet remains worthy of our striving.--Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. 

The Definition of Success illustrates what all successful organizations should inspire: Find a Purpose worth total commitment of yourself (Heart, Soul, and Mind), while creating value to the community to sustain itself.--Byron Davis, CEO of Fisher Price

When I dream, I wish for the world in which there are many Derek Snooks whose eyes see the possibilities for those in need and in doing so find great purpose. Let's join hands with Derek to further his vision.--Mayor John Tecklenburg 

Here's what readers are saying: 

"It made me really uncomfortable at times, revealing my internal dialogue as judgmental and prejudiced. It made me laugh, a lot! It has changed the way I look at the world around me. It has already been an opening for some really transparent, and sometimes difficult, conversations with friends and family."

"The Definition of Success reenergized my commitment to purpose. Derek walks us through his own journey of how engaging with people experiencing homelessness changed him. His vulnerability creates permission for the reader to then also be changed - and I highly recommend you read it!"

"If I knew Christians thought this way I wouldn't have walked away from God for so long."

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